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There’s something for everyone in this special fortnight of activities here at Gerringong Anglican. Our doors are open & we look forward to welcoming you at one or more of our services or events.

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If you could ask any question you liked about God, Jesus, or the Bible, what would you ask?

On the 3rd, 10th and 17th September, at each of our regular services, we will be looking at the questions you ask!

So, why not send us your question and come along to one of our services to hear the answer?

A day of workshops and master classes in everything from Ancestry to Alzeimers, wills to walks, plus calligraphy, author talks, rose cultivation, travel planning, fire safety & much more.

Saturday, 9th September

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Come back with us to a simpler time when families and communities came together for games, food and all the “fun of the fair”.

Sunday, 10th September

We all love a good BBQ, but have you ever wanted to know where all the different cuts of meat came from?

Joel from JD Meats will walk us through how to cut up a lamb & get it ready for cooking.

We’ll also share a burger in the Stoic’s new eating area, & even hear how we can meet the “Lamb of God”!

Thursday, 7th September

Image by Madie Hamilton
Walk on the Beach

Are you in the "comfort" or "courage" zone?

Counsellor Heather McAlpine speaks to women about elevating their wellness through the journey of life.

Saturday, 16th September

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