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The Cowells

Simon and Jess (with CMS), are university staff workers with the GBU(the university Christian group), responsible for groups in Puglia,southern Italy and have lived in Bari for the last 6 years.

The heart of this university work is to train students and leaders in Bible reading, evangelism and discipleship, in a country where many people identify as Catholics, but do not attend church. Simon and Jess are also involved in the leadership and ministry of their local church.

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our mission partners

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For over 160 years Anglicare has been serving people in need - providing care to older people and services to the vulnerable. Anglicare’s staff and volunteers serve more than 60,000 people across the Sydney Diocese and beyond in over 130 locations. Caring for older people in residential care homes and supporting independence through home care services. Creating vibrant retirement living communities and providing safe and affordable homes for people over 55. Assisting children, families and those experiencing social isolation through their many community services. Mobilising Disaster Recovery volunteers in times of crisis. And helping to effect change through their research and advocacy.

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zambia's child

Their goal is to transform communities in Zambia through quality, Christ-centred education, and community development activities. The key focus of their work is Ipalo Christian School, which educates the most vulnerable students within the communities of Kasompe & Chingola, in the Copperbelt region in the north of Zambia. As well as providing a quality education for the students, they also provide them nutritious meals, primary health care & boarding facilities. The wider community is also served through the provision of adult literacy & other education.

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