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Hello and Welcome! to Gerringong Anglican Church and our website. Whether you’re visiting Gerringong for a holiday, have recently moved to the area or you’re a long-term resident of Gerringong or Gerroa, we’d love to have the opportunity to worship with you at church.

Our 8 am morning service meets in the old church building facing Fern St. This service is traditional in style but warm in its welcome. Traditional hymns, regular communion, a formal liturgy – these are the sorts of things you can expect at our 8 am service.

The 10 am service is our family service and it meets in the church hall. Somewhat less formal than 8 am, the family service aims to provide a place where people feel comfortable to bring their children along to church and we provide a kid’s program which runs concurrent with the second half of the service.

Our 6 pm service is pitched to meet the needs of our teens and young adults, however, the congregation is made up of a variety of ages. Lots of young people and energy make 6 pm a lively and enthusiastic service.

At each of our services you’ll hear God’s word, the Bible, read and explained in a way that
 is helpful and easy to follow and understand. In an age of increasing relativism, at Gerringong Anglican Church, we believe the Bible is central in getting to know God and his plan for this world.








We believe that church should be a place where people can come and enjoy hearing this word from God applied to their lives in relevant and challenging ways. We believe that sharing together in community builds positive, healthy relationships where love and mutual support can add enrichment and joy to lives lived in service to God. We’re not perfect people, indeed far from it. But we are people who know and trust in God for our eternal forgiveness. We’re not the biggest church around and we don’t have magnificent buildings or state of the art facilities, but we’re a lively group of people who enjoy meeting together and we love having others come and join us in doing that week by week.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy fellowship while on holidays, or perhaps looking for a place where you can learn more about God – whatever reason you might have for coming to join us at one of our services, we’d love the chance to make you feel welcome. Have a look around the rest of our website – we hope you’ll find it useful as you learn more about who we are and what we do at Gerringong Anglican Church.

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