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You are invited to an Explorers' Outing

Here are 7 reasons why you might like to attend one of our Explorers' Outings for Seniors:

·         You will meet like-minded people

·         Each outing is an inspiring event or discovers an interesting new destination

·         Outings are carefully planned so they are not too physically demanding and have plenty of time to chat

·         There are only three or four varied outings a year. It's your choice if you'd like to attend one, or all of them

·         If you need transport, plenty of drivers are willing to give you a lift

·         Costs are kept to a minimum, but we always try for a quality lunch

·         You can easily catch up with your new friends each Sunday at Church

Seniors expo

A day of workshops and master classes in everything from wills to walks, farming to financial planning, plus calligraphy, author talks, selling your house, travel planning, & much more.

Saturday, 9th September

Community Garden

Visit Meribee Gardens

Join us as we visit one of the South Coast's most iconic and beautiful gardens. This will be our final Explorers’ excursion for 2023, so claim the date in your diary now for this wonderful event!


We have organised a private guided tour, with talks on the Heritage Rose Garden, followed by a walk along the trail through this amazing property. The roses should be in full bloom in November, and we expect a magnificent display.

If you've never been to one of our excursions, you are most welcome. Come along & make some new friends!

Cost $20

Thursday, 23rd November

Leaving GAC at 9.00am

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